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75 of the world’s smartest and most talented young people shared with us their inspirational stories and practical pieces of advice on how they broke down age barriers and changed the world. We took these contributions and put them all together in one book that will help you do the same.

2 Billion Under 20 becomes available on July 28, 2015. Pre-order your copy now and gain free access to our exclusive webinar in July where we will teach you the steps you can take to start your own business or get started on your own dream.

Our new podcast Stories from the 2 Billion Under 20 shares the experiences, lessons learned, and practical pieces of advice from high-performing young people around the world AND the mentors they look up.

Check out our chats with Olympians, founders of billion-dollar brands, #1 NYT bestselling authors, and many other amazing guests at

The 2 Billion Under 20 community is open to people from all walks of life working on all different types of projects.

Our community is full of inspirational young individuals who refuse to believe that age is a barrier to achieving greatness. We defy social norms and empower our peers to relentlessly develop and chase their dreams. In the past, we've helped our members successfully crowdfund their Kickstarter campaigns, receive press in some of the top online media outlets, collectively support life-saving medical treatments for children in third-world countries, and so much more.

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2 Billion Under 20:
The Book

Read the stories of 75 young people from across the globe as they share their stories of starting up, failing, succeeding and overcoming. They share their inspiring truth and give a snapshot into the lives of just some of the 2 Billion Under 20 who walk the Earth today.

2 Billion Under 20 Book Tour

Stacey Ferreira, Jared Kleinert, and the 2 Billion Under 20 contributors across the world are currently planning their international book tour, bringing the inspiring stories of hundreds of the world's smartest and most talented Millennials to dozens of cities across the globe.

Want to bring 2 Billion Under 20 to your hometown, company, school, etc? Click the button below to tell us where to go next. We have lots of fun with audiences wherever we go, and we have 2 Billion Under 20 contributors and community members across the world. You can help bring 2 Billion Under 20 to your city by co-hosting an event during our book tour.

(If you’re a podcast host, member of the media, head of company culture or corporate events, university club leader, or simply wish for us to visit virtually, we are also organizing a virtual tour for those groups we cannot visit in person. Find out more and be a part of our virtual tour here!)

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The 2 Billion Under 20 community is open to people from all walks of life working on all different types of projects. Apply to be apart of the community.

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